Tuesday, March 03, 2009

No more Diet Delish

On the Sunday before Lent I began to contemplate what I would give up for 6 weeks. I was raised Catholic but can hardly say that I am a "practicing" Catholic...whatever that means any way. I rarely make it to church and to be honest, I really don't make that much effort. I do however participate in the giving up of things every year when Lent rolls around.

While I have tried to give up and cut back on Diet Coke lately, I have failed miserably. However, when I decided that I would give up pop for Lent it became ridiculously easy. Divine intervention? Probably not. Besides the pop I also gave up baked goods(dessert style not to include bread and such) and anything flammin hot.

My favorite thing is to drink fountain pop while traveling. Since I was gone this past weekend I was shocked to be minimally tempted and enjoyed tea and coffee instead.

Will this be the end of my soda drinking days? Probably not forever, but the next 6 weeks are safe.

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