Sunday, July 31, 2005

The K-Mart Krazy

Today after eating some delicious Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supremes, Jenne and I stopped by the ghetto KMart to pick up a few items. We walk in the door and some man is yelling at us..."Here comes Charlie's Angels". Moritified, we walk the whole way around the store to avoid him, only to have to walk back past him later yelling at us "Stylin', smilin', and profilin'."


Saturday, July 30, 2005

The randomness continues

So, as I previously posted, random things are always happening to me. The apartment I currently live in on a road that is just past an exit to get onto the Eisenhower Expressway. The building we live in has security that patrols around in cars. Often the patrol cars sit outside our window, not a big deal. However, almost everyday there is a truck that sits outside our windows and a man a girl sit in it and nap for hours on end, then it drives away. It is very mysterious. Another day, there was a man out there just napping in his car. What I am trying to say, is that there are constantly cars parked outside our living and bedroom windows.

Tonight, we had Megan and Laura over for girls night pizza and after telling them about these cars constantly parked outside our window, my roommate Jenne says "Stace, I think I just saw a guy out there, go look." So I look out our living room window and a guy pulls his car over, walks around the side of it and just starts urinating in the street!!! Baffled, I call the girls over to the window and we all just stare for a half a second. Who does that?

Why do weird and random things always happen around me?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Now, that's what I call a big building

Someone, not to mention any names (cough...Megan Lee Mulvey) claim that I haven't been blogging much lately. So, here is my most articulate post to date.

Some man named Mert wants to build a really tall building in Chicago. I can't remember the name he wants to name it, but it had the word ham in it(I am on a diet, the only word I remember had to do with food). It looks like a giant birthday candle. It will be 400 feet taller than the world's tallest building in Japan and reach almost a 1/2 mile high.

My message to Mert...your building is ugly. I hope the city doesn't let you build it here. Thanks, Stacey

Monday, July 25, 2005

Ladies, listen up!

It is a well known fact that couples who live together before marriage have a higher divorce rate than those who do not. However, a new study has recently been brought to my attention about couples who live together. While women see it as a step toward marriage, the guys did not. The guys reported "living together" as a substitution for marriage.

Just a little information to think about.

However, I am sure the guys will agree with this and the women will continue making excuses to justify thier actions...that's what they do best when they do irrational things in relationships.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

We like it H-O-T!

Grilling outside the apartment in 110 heat index. The meat sure was good, though. Can't beat grilled meat!!!

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

At Busch Stadium in StL on Friday nigth for the Cubs/Cards game. The Cards won in extra was a hot one.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Walker Brother's Band

This is a shout out to one of my favorite bands, The Walker Brothers. The lead singer is my neighbor from home, David Kroll. They played a kick ass show at Big Muddy's on Friday and I danced my heart out to them playing at Reagan and Nick's wedding reception on Saturday. They've opened for Trick Pony and Montgomery Gentry. Check them out if you get a chance.

Hat or Lamp Shade?

This lamp shade came with our apartment. Needless to say, Jenne and I took it down and replaced it with something much more fun. And we thought it would work better for me as a hat. If anyone wants to borrow it the next time they are headed out into the sun, let me know.

I should be a janitor

Here's me cleaning up the mess from the previous picture and laughing about it...a lot.


I did this the first weekend I moved into my new apartment with Jenne...Moral of the story: DON'T use dish soap in the dishwasher.

Monday, July 11, 2005

I can't believe I am so white

I just wanted to throw up a post on my lack of tan. This is the first time that I can remember being this white this late in the summer. I NEED A TAN!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Funny how things work out

Writing my last blog entry made me start thinking about how I went to the University of Iowa. You see, in the beginning(being high school when I was deciding where to go to college) I was very against going to Iowa and was insistent on going to Duke or a small college out east... I was even eligible for scholarships to many of them. However, my mom did not want me to go that far away to school and my dad was insistent that I consider Iowa, a great education for a good price that wasn't too far from home. My mom was pushing for me to go to Truman State in Kirksville, Mo, also known as the Harvard of the midwest, or as Bug calls it "Princeton of the prairie".

Against my greater will, I applied and went to the University of Iowa. I moved in to the dorms and made friends with the girl that lived across the hall, Jodie. My roommate and I got along great(for the most part) and I had a great first year. During that year, I went to all the home football games, it was Ferentz's first year and we had a lowly 1-10 record. I also greatly enjoyed the success of the men's basketball program under the coaching of Steve Alford that year. My roommate and I would get very crazy and dress head to tow black and gold for the games.

However, looking back, it was in my junior, senior, and 2nd senior year that I really grew to love the University of Iowa. The highlight of my years was getting up early(like 5:30am) on Saturdays to jockey for the best tailgating spot and grill and drink until gametime with close friends and family. Back then, the old student section existed for $9 a game and there were no assigned seats and you stood for the whole game(getting sun burned, rained on or snowed on)...Jingling your keys and trying to avoid getting puked on by the person in the row behind you that tailgated a little too much...or maybe hadn't recovered from the night before when they were all packed in a crowded bar and the Beer Band would come in and play the fight song and everyone would burst out in unison singing along full of black and gold pride. Now, I am planning to go to one game a year for $48 a ticket in an assigned seat. Looking back, I can't imagine going to anyother school and can't wait to go back this fall.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ESPN made my morning

I woke up today and flipped on the TV to the 9am edition of SportsCenter. Let's just say it was one of the better sports centers I've seen in quite some time. Why, you ask?

Well, with the cancellation of the coach's preseason poll this year, Trev Alberts made his own predictions for the top 5 teams this season. I am proud to say that 2 of the top 5 were from the Big Ten Conference.

Coming in at Number 5, with "the best coach in college football, Kirk Ferentz" of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. Looking for thier fourth consecutive 10-win season, the Hawkeyes have Drew Tate back at the helm. The first time in 4 years that the Hawks have had a returning starter at quarterback. They will also be looking to head to thier 5th consecutive BCS bowl game. They have a tough road game at OSU and Michigan will be tough at home in Oct, but I think Pasadena sounds great in Jan.

Michicigan came in at #3, LSU at 2 and the tops dogs according to Trev is USC.