Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The next step?

It was nearly a year ago that I became a vegetarian. Almost a year later I am thinking that I have the vegetarian thing down pretty well and I like it. I really don't miss meat. So, I have started thinking about the next step. Could I do vegan?

I don't really like ice cream or milk, so that wouldn't be an issue. But cheese... I love some good cheese. And eggs are in so many things. My major hang ups with becoming vegan are that it is expensive and time consuming. My life is tight on free time as it is and I don't really have the time to stand in the grocery store and read every label on every product I might buy.

But then again, you only get one chance at life, why waste it putting bad things in your body? The jury is still out but I think I am getting closer to making the leap.

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megan gray said...

for what it's worth, it hasn't cost me anymore money (i mean when i don't rely on processed crutches like freezer meals etc) and i don't spend more time cooking--maybe just plannning to make sure i get all the good stuff in my body and reading all these goddamn vegan blogs i love so much. you ken do eet!