Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Better than Starbucks

My trips to Starbucks are generally limited to less than 10(and that is on the high side) a year. I am not a huge fan of their coffee but sometimes they will have a tempting concoction. In the fall I will usually have one hot caramel apple cider...because it is soooo tasty on a chilly day. Then the iced drinks in the summer usually tempt me.

When I was in the grocery store the other day I saw the canisters for mixed coffee drinks. One really caught my eye. The Dark Mayan Chocolate. You simply add 4 tsp of this mix to boiling water for a 50 calorie treat. And when I say treat, I mean T-R-E-A-T! This stuff has excellent flavor. Oh, and only 50 calories! Doesn't Starbucks have a new ad that brags that their low calorie drink is 90 calories and flavorless? Now, lets do the math on this in these hard economic times. A canister of the mix cost about $5.00(inflated Chicago price, probably $2.99 in Iowa and most other parts of the US) AND it makes 18 delicious cups of dark Mayan chocolate flavored coffee. So, for the price of one cup of Starbucks, Caribou, Peet's or your other local coffee shop, you can get 18 cups of this tasty treat. It's pretty much like a buy one, get 17 free coupon. I really don't know anyone that would pass that up. I did the math. It works out to 27cents per cup. Wowza.

Look how nice it looks in the cup, too. It almost looks like the Pac man guy is in my cup ready to chomp down on that little darker circle. You can see it, I know you do. But he won't be there for long, because I am going to drink him down.

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