Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chicago Flower and Garden Show

My dad and I both had the day off of work today, so I convinced him to take the train into the city and hang out with me. Well, when I proposed this great idea to him the forecast was for sunny, 65 degree weather today. Well, Monday night they changed the forecast and said it would be a high of 33 today and windy. I gave him the option of backing out, but he is a trooper and came to visit his favorite daughter anyway. We started off the day on the hunt for a good fantasy baseball magazine for his upcoming draft. Then, we went to the Signature Room for lunch, because he had never been there before. Since it was a clear day, I thought it would be a great day for viewing the city, and it was. After lunch we headed down to Navy Pier to check out the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. My dad has a very green thumb, so I thought this would be right up his alley. While walking through, we ran across this fun mirror, so we stopped to goof around. If my torso was really this long, I think I would have to wear dresses as shirts!

There are these very fun fountains in the Crystal Garden at Navy Pier. My dad was convinced that the water shot out of a tubes and I said it didn't. Of course, being stubborn, I had to prove him wrong by sticking my hand in it to see if it was just a stream of water or if there was tubing there. Well, I got soaked when I put my hand it, breaking up the steam of water and making it spray on me.

I loved the exhibit where they did table settings in foliage and flowers. I thought it was really cool how they made the leaves look like leather cushions on the chairs.

Look, a flower bed! Notice the little dog in the lower left hand corner.

My dad pointing out the daffodils, much like the ones that will soon be blooming in his yard.

These are part of a really pretty rose display in the exhibit sponsored by the Spanish museum of art. The designer actually came up to us and talked to us for a while and told us it took 19 hours a day for 6 days to get the display set up. WOW.

The show is totally worth the $12 admission fee. I have a good feeling dad might come back for the show again next year.


Megan said...

great pictures! How fun.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun.


Anonymous said...

I am coming next year! Chom