Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Apartment

I have moved and have a new apartment and a new roommate. Feel free to stop by and visit us anytime. We are both very busy and hardly ever home, but you can still ring our doorbell.

I am most excited about our back patio and new bistro set. I can see lots of good times being spent out there with some great conversations.

May's wedding

This past weekend, I ventured back to the old stomping grounds of Iowa City to celebrate May tying the knot. On my way to the wedding, which was at Kinnick Stadium(very cool), the strap broke on my dress. So, I had to pretend like it was a strapless. Fortunately, I had a back up dress in the hotel and changed dresses between the wedding and the reception. I think one of the coolest things about the indoor area of Kinnick is that there are Iowa symbols EVERYWHERE. They are even on the soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers in the bathrooms.

Needless to say, Vanessa and I were up to our usual Iowa City antics. On the way to the reception we saw a bike sitting in the ped mall and I told V to ride it around. So, she did, until the owner saw here and yelled, "Hey! That's my bike!" So, she yelled back, "Well, you should lock it up!". She put the bike back and we continued on. At the reception we saw extra flowers lying around. Knowing that we were important to May, we both decided to wear one.

It was a beautiful wedding and ceremony and I am very happy for May and John. Congrats!

A road trip to Miami

In mid June, my former roommate Megan moved to Miami. Needing to get her car to Miami, I offered to road trip it down there with her. Well, it proved to be quite the interesting trip.
Some of the high points were:

--While I was driving through the mountains of Tenn, Megan needed something out of my bag that was in the back seat. So, Megan offered to take the wheel while I turned around to dig through my bag. Turning back around, I felt the car moving over. I looked up to realize that we had drifted across 3 lanes of traffic, I turn, look and yell at Megan. She was looking at a blister on her heel!!! Then she said, "Oops, I forgot I had the steering wheel in my hand."

--Also going through the mountains of TN, there was a car in the far left lane going very slowly in front of me. Out of no where, Megan yells at the car, "You had better move out of Stawoj's way or she'll make you call your daddy's name!" I have no idea where that came from, but it was very hilarious.

--Needing to be in the sun while in Miami, we headed up A1A to the beach. Oddly, we had to pay $5 to park to go to the public beach. So, we crossed A1A instead of taking the tunnel over, because there wasn't much traffic. Once we got over to the beach, we notice that there was a fenced off area. Confused we asked a runner which part we were supposed to be in. Well, the fenced in area where we paid to be was a NUDE BEACH. We laughed hysterically and stayed on the clothed side until right before we left. Then we had to go to the nude side to used the little shower things to wash off our feet. So, there was Megan and I and 8 fully nude men washing off our feet. Except for one lone cowboy who was wearing nothing but a belt and a cowboy hat. I hope he didn't get any bad tan lines. Oh, the best part... it was father's day and I called my dad from a nude beach to wish him a happy father's day.

Can't wait to get back to Miami to visit Megan.

Monday, June 04, 2007

No, I'm not dead

Wow. It has been brought to my attention that I have been really horrible at blogging lately. My life has been crazy busy since right before my brother's wedding, which may have been my last post.

In the next three weeks, my roommate is moving to Miami. I am moving into a new apartment with a new roommate, I am going to Miami, out of town to a bachelorette party and out of town to a wedding. In between being out of town, I will be working every day that I am in Chicago. I still have lots of packing and preparing to do.

Exciting things that have happened lately are that Megan(my roommate) was successfully duped twice in one weekend. Her boyfriend flew in from out of town to suprise her and we threw a suprise going away party for her the next day and she had NO idea what was coming to her.

This past weekend, Lisa(my new roommate) threw a suprise birthday party for her friend Katie that was a ton of fun and again, Katie was shocked to see all her family an dfriends gathered for her.

Photos of both events to be coming soon.

Must get back to work...yep, blogging on my break.