Monday, November 29, 2004

I am one with nature

I was in charge of the nature reserve in our Chistmas village this year. This is about 1/4 of our whole village that is slowly overtaking our house.

Lens to the 4th power

I made the fam take a pic together on my mom's birthday. Aren't we such a cute family?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wouldn't you feel dirty?

In Texas, a man was arrested for practicing medicine without a liscense. He pretended to be a gynecologist. What a low down shady man!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Big Ten Co-Champs

I am really going to miss "The Asassin" next season.
Wish I could have been in IC to celebrate that win!
On Iowa, Go Hawks!

Is that a pony keg in Mel's hand?

This picture of Mel accurately depicts how our weekend went.

And so went my weekend...

As you all know, random and wild things always seem to happen whenever Mel and I are within a one mile radius of each other. Well, she came to stay with me in Chicago this weekend.

Friday night, we met a group of interesting men and got home at 5am, but not before going out to breakfast with them.

Saturday afternoon involved Floor Fest 2004. The burrito was transported to my living room floor, where we vegged and watch the Hawk beat Wisconsin (30-7).

Saturday night, it started all over again. You know, go to the bar, meet some guys...get my shoe tried by a random guy. Ahhh...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Monday, November 15, 2004

Why does this always happen to me?

Tonight I got floated to the adult ward.
There, my patient:
*told me he wanted me to go to bed with him so he could wake up next to me in the morning
*told me he loved me
*stripped down butt-ass naked
*sang to me

Sunday, November 14, 2004


To my ladies...we need to bring back the Stella award.

Back in the Game

Sorry for all of you looking for a newly posted post, I was out of town. I headed way across the state of Iowa to visit my grandparents. Then, I drove back across the state to hang out in Iowa City for the night. While there, I rocked the town. I met E's new bf and think he is fabulous. I had a great trip...but's 6 days of work before Mel comes this weekend. Watch out Chicago!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Who(or shoudl I say what) doesn't want to be a woman these days?

Recent studies have shown that male fish are becoming female due to the estrogen and pollutents in the water. This is the same water that we drink...could it lead to women taking over the world...hmmmm...

Shout out to E Frank who informed me of this phenomenon last year, waaaay before Tom Brokaw reported on it.

Clarett accuses OSU

Are the accuisations true??? Bogus summer jobs? Passing grades?
You tell me.

Can someone please tell Trussell to get a new look?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Cutting in line for organ transplants


Green Bean a bottle!

A company has taken soda flavors to a new extreme. Since I am working ALL the holidays at the hospital this year, I may just to have to go on a hunt for these products so that I can taste the same traditional flavors. It's like being with your relatives without all the noise of the children running around.

Mashed potatoes and gravey, anyone?

Monday, November 08, 2004


So, incase you hadn't heard, Michael Phelps for arrested for DUI. Here's part of the article:

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) -- Six-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps was arrested last week and charged with drunken driving.

A trooper saw the 19-year-old swimming sensation go through a stop sign Thursday night, state police said Monday. The trooper saw signs of intoxication and arrested Phelps for driving under the influence, police said.

Phelps also was charged with violation of a license restriction and failure to obey a stop sign. The legal drinking age in Maryland is 21.
"I made a mistake." Phelps told Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly by phone. "I know it's wrong to get into a car when you've had anything to drink. I'm 19 years old and I made a big mistake. I was taught to take responsibility for your actions so that's why I'm calling."

So, what do we learn form this? Michael Phelps is also dumb. Perhaps too much chlorine to his brain. The only thing that he sees that he did wrong was get in the car. Other things I picked up from the article:
*he was drinking underage
*he already had a liscence restriction
*not only did he get in the car, but he drove it.

Way to go Mikey!