Saturday, March 22, 2008

POOR LISA--update 2

So, upon checking Lisa's weekly horoscope, we realized she may have made a bad decision by choosing to go along with YOBTTW(but it's too late now, she is in it):

This is one of those rare times when your empathy could undo you unless you adhere to the following guidelines. 1. Squelch any attraction you might have to fascinating ruins, sexy decay, or appalling beauty. 2. If you have been sucked into the sphere of a good-looking monster or seductive tyrant, yank yourself free. 3. Break your gaze the instant you sense you're falling under the sway of a flaming narcissist. 4. Suppress the temptation to think this thought: "I'm bored with my hell; I want to hang out in your hell for a change."

She decided to join my hell...ha ha ha.

First update

No, there won't be updates like there were for the YOY, but I would like to report that Lisa and I actually started our Year of BALLS TO THE WALLS last night at midnight. Let's just say, we're both one for one.

I am predicting that we will be starters on the 2009 ALL STAR TEAM! Ha ha.

It's a new year...and it will be called...

So, it is officially the 2 year anniversary of the begining of the Year of Yes. Someone suggested that I repeat it, but I say no, as do all of my friends. During the YOY they were drug along with it and were often quite miserable. So, I won't put myself nor them through that again, because I am pretty sure none of them would go anywhere in public with me if they knew I was doing it again.

So, the decision is The Year of BALLS TO THE WALLS!(sorry, mom). No, I am NOT going to be c-r-a-z-y all year and am in fact dragging Lisa into it, too. We are going to be more forward with the theory that the more we get rejected the easier it gets. Ha ha. No, really. Neither of us have any game. No Game Giglio and No Game Lens, well, not anymore, kiddos. We're putting on our jerseys and bringing our "A" game.

**Lisa, in an attempt not to participate tried to recommend that we do the Year of "Hold ME" and be more cuddly, because we both like our space bubbles to be kept in tact. She went as far as to recommend we become Plushies...if you know what they are, you will wet your pants laughing right now. It was all a joke, no worries. Lisa isn't a freak.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Live without rules...not a good idea

Mel sent me my horoscope again...

In an effort to create safer streets, some European towns are getting rid of traffic signs and stoplights. The theory is that if drivers have no visible aides to guide them, they will slow down and be more considerate. "What we want is for people to be confused," says an official of the German town of Bohmte. "When they're confused, they'll be more alert and drive more carefully." In this spirit, and in accordance with your astrological omens, I suggest that you spend a week exploring the virtues of living without any rules. Instead, rely on your intuition about what's most righteous and authentic to do in every situation. Proceed on a case-by-case basis, without invoking general principles or overarching theories.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

So much belated love

As most people know, about a month ago I took a spill on the ice and did some damage to my ankle...I know, karmic retribution for thinking other people falling is the FUNNIEST thing ever. No worries, I will still continue to think it is hilarious.

Anyway, my brother sent me a Valentine's/Get well package. He told me it would arrive by Valentine's Day. Well, apparently, my mom addressed it for him and put the wrong zip code on it and it arrived about 10 days late. It was fabulous and contained like 10-15 of my favorite things. It was one of the most exciting boxes that I have ever opened. Thanks bubby.

Then, Megan called me and asked me if I had gotten a package from her. I said I hadn't and she told me that one should have arrived by Valentine's Day for me, too. Well, days went by and nothing came in the mail. We had pretty much given up on it's arrival, until YESTERDAY! I got a final notice in my mailbox that a package was going to be returned to sender if I didn't pick it up today. It finally arrived, an entire month late. Megan's package was absolutely hilarious. She drew a giant puffy foot and ankle on it. Inside was a DVD to watch while I was forced to lay around, plain Starbursts(my favorite candy), kissables(the candy), and a really funny card. The Kissables made me laugh really hard....let me tell you a little story about Megan.

Back in the day, when we lived together(ok, last fact, it happened on this week of last year!) Megan had a little incident. Megan went tanning and stayed in the tanning bed too long and burnt her bum. The next day, at about 6am, I heard her yelling. I thought she was telling me that I could shower, because we both had to get up early that day. I yelled back that I had already showered and it was fine. Then I heard her say something again so I thought that she hadn't heard me. I went to walk out of my room, but Megan was sprawled out on the floor outside my door passed out. Megan frequently would get low blood sugar and get weak...thinking this is what happened I kept talking to her and ran into the kitchen and found a random package of Hersey's Kissables and ran back to her and tried to give them to her. In fact, that wasn't the problem at all. Megan was trying to check out her burnt bum in the mirror, tore a muscle in her neck and passed out from the pain. Now it is a running joke that Kissables cure everything. Sadly, Meg ended up in the ER with morphine and a neck brace...fortunately, we think it is one of the funniest stories ever.

Thanks for all the love.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Another "year of"...almost

So, on March 22, 2006 I proclaimed the next year of my life to be the year of "yes."(most of you know what this is referring to, so I will not repeat the explanation.) I joked after that entire experience was over that the next year of my life would be the year of HELL NO. While I didn't make it the year of no, there really isn't anything to report.

I am now considering what the next year should be...perhaps the year of normal. Normal would be nice, but am I capable of normal?!?

Open for suggestions.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cause for concern

Mel sent me my weekly horoscope again and I am quite concerned about it. I have always run half-wild and been a seeker of fun, but this is a whole different story. Fortunately, I have a busy work week this week, so I don't think I will have much time to get in that much trouble.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In the Tsonga language of South Africa, the term *rhwe* means to fall sleep on the floor while drunk and naked. According to my analysis, you may now be unusually susceptible to exhibiting *rhwe*-like behavior. That's because the astrological omens suggest you're in prime time for the kind of extravagant socializing that may lead to extremes you rarely express. There are more constructive ways to channel this energy than through *rhwe,* however. Your challenge will be to make sure your discernment and discipline are at least partially engaged as you run half-wild and seek prodigious fun. (The info about *rhwe* comes from a book about quirky words, *The Meaning of Tingo,* by Adam Jacot de Boinod.)

Check out your horoscope: