Friday, September 28, 2007

Random pics

I wasn't able to post pics with several of my last posts, because I had been posting while I was on break at work.
Here are some pics from Beth's wedding and the Iowa NIU game:

Beth jokingly told Sanj and I that tiaras and elbow length white gloves were part of the dress requirement to get into the reception, so Sanj and I joking wore tiaras for a little bit.

Sanj, Nina, Dan(my boss's husband), and John(Nina's husband) at cocktail hour

And that's no bull!

This reminds me of when I was driving back from Iowa last year and there was an overturned truck of cattle on I80 that I had to stop for.

I was alerted to this story by my brother who lives in the St L.

Taken directly from

By Joel Currier
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
A tractor-trailer transporting about 60 head of cattle overturned on the ramp from the Poplar Street Bridge to westbound Interstate 70 about midnight, trapping many of the animals and loosing others to roam the Arch grounds.Part of the truck was dangling over the edge of the bridge as firefighters used flashlights to peer inside and check on the cattle. Five were walking on the ramp behind the truck. Several other animals had crossed to the Arch grounds.Animal rescue was called to the scene to help; authorities said some animals were injured and would likely need to be euthanized.The truck driver was taken to a hospital, fire officials said, but his injuries were not considered life-threatening.The ramp was closed early Thursday morning, as were the westbound lanes of I-70 and parts of Interstate 55 beginning south of the bridge, including the depressed section of the roadway.One motorist reported crashing his red Ford Thunderbird into a streetlamp that fell from above near the site of the cattle truck crash. He was not injured.

ST. LOUIS -- The last of the roaming bulls was found about 6 a.m. today and died about four hours later as rescue crews tried frantically to save it.It died about about 10:30 a.m. in a bushy and rocky embankment along a tree-lined area between the Mississippi River and railroad tracks just east of the intersection of Broadway and Bates Street.The bull was initially spotted in the 3800 block of Gasconade Street in St. Louis. People who spotted the bull called 911 and dispatchers alerted animal rescue workers.The bull nearly ran onto busy Interstate 55, but crews were able to coax it away from the highway. The bull then took off and ran for about two miles south along railroad tracks. Crews pursued but the bull eventually stumbled down the steep embankment.

Crews tried to free the bull which had its legs twisted and wedged between boulders but the animal quickly went into shock and died."It's very disappointing," said Roger Vincent of the Missouri Emergency Response Service. "We were hoping to save him and send him on his happy way."Crews now are struggling with how to get the bull out of the embankment.The bull was among many in a truckload that escaped early Thursday after a truck accident on a ramp on the Poplar Street Bridge.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Deck the halls?!?!

Seriously, it's getting a little bit ridiculous.

I love Christmas and it is probably my favorite holiday, but the commercialism needs to back it up. I was recently in Target and they already have Christmas stuff on DISPLAY! Are you kidding's September!!!

Can we take it one holiday at a time, please?!? Yes, right next to the back to school stuff was 3 aisles of Christmas lights, decorations, stockings and cards. I think it would be reasonable to put out Christmas stuff after Halloween, but NOT 6 weeks before.

I do have to admit that I did look at the Christmas card selection, as I am very selective about the Christmas cards that I send out. I usually have separate ones for my family and friends. Sadly, there weren't any that jumped out as me as perfect, otherwise I probably would have fed into this craziness by buying them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This past weekend, Aaron, Steve, Jeremy and I met up in Indy to visit Mel for the night on Saturday. We had an absolute blast. We mixed mojitos and sat around and talked for a long time before we ventured out of Mel's apt to conquer the city. We even had time to play a quick game of capture the flag. Aaron dominated. Sadly, the boys had to leave early on Sunday morning to head back to Columbus as Aaron had to tutor at 1pm. Mel and I had a leisurely day bumming around the city on Sunday and I didn't leave until late evening.

I'm back.

After receiving a thoroughly harassing email about not updating my blog today, I am updating. I actually have a lot of updates to give, but won't be able to fit them all in right now. Over Labor Day weekend, the fam came into town and we all went to the Iowa vs NIU game at Soldier Field. We had a ton of fun tailgating and hanging out. It was great to be able to spend such a large amount to time with them, as we usually only briefly get to see each others. Josh's friends TJ and Tonya were also in town and were generous enough to let us use their truck as the tailgate mobile of the day. Cramming 9 adults into it to leave was quite a funny sight.