Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yo! MTV Raps!

Later in the night, I hosted Yo MTV Raps.

Nice light

Aaron and Stacey dancing on the kitchen table. Nice ceiling light, huh?

Is that Jenne? No, it's Aaron!

Mel, Dan, Court, Chrissy, and Aaron playing cards at the apartment warming party. Aaron is wearing Jenne's school and work badges, thinking that they were mine. Ha ha.

Our Apartment got warmed

Highlights/random events of the apartment warming party:

*Mel and Aaron came in town just for it
*everyone I wanted to be there was there(minus my family)
*our shower rod somehow became bent(if anyone has any information on this, please let us know. We are not at all upset, we would just liket o be entertained by the story behind it)
*the front railing fell off the front of our building
*we did a round of shots out of a bottle of tequila from Mexico
*dancing, lots and lots of dancing
*dancing on coffee and dining room tables
*Mel made her first trip to Boys Town
*Mel ate a sandwich
*Shake it off
*The number 5
*toe touches
*Rod, Mitch, Tito, and Jerome
*pouring of beer into Aaron's mouth
*jello shots
*my co-workers came
*the exercise ball
*Yo MTV Raps
*the recreation of the formal picture
*the wooden man
*the story of the man and his mane
*T Bellt he next day for lunch and the case of the missing doobie

Unfortunately the snake eatting it's prey was unable to attend the party. It was a great time over all. Thanks for everyone who helped to make memories.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bub, Attorney at Law

This is a picture of Josh and I. Josh found out that he passed the Missouri bar exam today! He is an attorney at law!!! Now if I get arrested, he can get me out of it! Congrats Bub!!! Bub Lens, Attorney at Law!!! Can you tell I'm proud?

No inspiration


Sorry there hasn't been a post since Sunday, but I've had no inspiration. I am slowly feeling better...I have waves of nausea and sweating and then I'll feel fine for hours. It's kinda bizarre.

Work has been going well. We've been steadily busy since school started again.

I have continued on my part-time job quest. I've decided it's more of an effort to expand my social circle than anything else...even though, one can never have enough money. ;-) I have applied for over 60 jobs and have only had 2 responses. One was a babysitting job, which I declined because they had a cat and the other I am hoping to hear back from today. It is a gourmet popcorn shop in Oak Park, called Madly Popn. It would only be a seasonal thing, but at least that would be a start.

I am very excited about the house warming party this weekend. Two very special out of town guests will be here for well as a lot of great people from the area. I am doing my best to feel 100% by then.

Now I'm just rambling. Peace out.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The burrito has a tumor

My futon had been affectionately known as "the burrito" for years. Everytime I move, I think I am just going to throw the thing out, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Since I got home from work at about 330pm yesterday the burrito has had a tumor. Yes, I have been laying on the burrito almost non-stop. I got off it yesterday to make a trip to the White Hen which completely wore me out. I again moved off it to go to bed last night. When I got up this morning, I showered and moved back to the burrito. Unfortunately, I have been quite sick this weekend. It started out Thursday night when I noticed my tonsils enlarged and I had a sore throat. It started out upper respiratory and now I am achy all over and have a fever. It's awful. I hate being sick.

This blog was made from the burrito.

The pics are up

Check out the pictures from Megan's Suprise Party.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Chesney and Zellweger Split

According to reports on and, country star Kenny Chesney and actress Renee Zellweger have split up. This is what had to say about it:

"Zellweger filed the papers Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing "fraud" as the reason for the split. The actress's petition also asks the court not to award spousal support to Chesney.

No further details about the couple's split were available, and there was no immediate comment from Zellweger's camp on why she cited "fraud" as the reason. According to top Hollywood divorce attorney Sorrell Trope: "If fraud is checked that means a promise was made before the marriage, but the person who made it had no intention of keeping it. The promise has to pertain to the heart of the marriage." "

I know several people that will be glad to hear that Kenny is back on the market.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Megan!

Megan turned 23 on 9-14-05. I had a suprise party for her. Do you think it worked? She was definitely shocked to see her brother Pat opening my apartment door.

Party time!

Fortunately, most of the Mulvey's were able to attend Megan's suprise party.
L to R: Lydia(Pat's girlfriend from Liverpool England), Patrick, Megan, Kristi, Tom

I hope they all had a great time. Pat's girlfriend was awesome and hilarious and am very glad I got to meet her after hearing so much about her. There was a great turn out for the party.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I just vommitted in my mouth...and spit it out

What a sickening day for the Big Ten Conference. Three top ten seeds lost: #3 Michigan, #4 Ohio State, and #8 Iowa.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A bar without booze!?!?

In a few short hours, I will be getting up to go to my first ever cereal bar. Yes, that is right...a restaurant that serves just cereal(and oatmeal)! Some of you might be saying, "Stacey, you don't even really like cereal." This I know. It is an new adventure...going to a bar that doesn't serve booze...a foreign concept for me.

Also, Cereality is giving away tickets to the premire of Reese Witherspoon's new movie Megan and I are getting on the L at 4:45am to go pay $4 for a bowl of cereal to get free movie tickets.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Top 10...except for Foxsports(they're obviously a little s.l.o.w)

Iowa football is now ranked at numer 8 in the nation by 2 polls and #16 by stupid foxsports.

Keck's got a kid

Katie Keck(it's not Keck anymore though) was a resident on the first floor I was ever an RA for and was also in my sorority. She and her husband Shane recently had a baby boy, Ben. She is working as an engineer in Des Moines where they also reside. Congrats Shane and Katie.