Saturday, March 31, 2007

Writing with the deceased

Nadine Jarvis, an artist, makes pencils out of the deceased remains. Approximately 240 pencils can be made out of one person.

I don't want to know how she discovered that you can make pencils like this or why she would want to , but it can be done.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thoughts on the Year of Yes

On March 22, 2006, I took a vow with my former roommate that we would say "yes" to every guy that asked us on a date for the entire next year. The idea came from the book titled The Year of Yes by Maria Headley. With both of us being single at the time, it sounded like a fun adventure to partake in.

The first thing that made it very interesting was that "date" was defined EXTREMELY loosely in the book. If a guy even suggested that we "talk" or "hang out" that would be considered a "date". Outside the year of yes definitions, I do not personally consider those things to be a date, but never the less I was required to go along with it.

Another thing that made it very interesting and exhausting is that you had to be on your "A" game if a guy approached you anywhere. You weren't allowed to give off negative vibes and try to get rid of him. This meant that I was required to be highly social to the point of inviting to any guy that talked to me. This put a major damper on girls nights out, because I couldn't dismiss a guy just because I was out with the girls. (An apology to all the girlies that had to suffer though this.) This was perhaps the worst part, because sometimes you just want to grab a cocktail with a friend and talk about your day, but if someone approaches you have to give them your full attention.

Besides blog updates, I did not advertise that I was doing the Year of Yes. Some people who knew I was doing it thought that it was kind of mean and that I was stringing people along, but I disagree. I saw it as more of an opportunity to give people a chance that I would normally not(I was amazed at how many first impressions are quite inaccurate), for one reason or another. I really tried to go into it with the attitude of, what is the worst thing that could happen if I talk to this person that I may not otherwise talk to? I could learn something from them and possibly make a new friend. You can never have enough friends and learning is always great...and learn some interesting things, I did.

Would I do it again?

Most likely, NO. I greatly enjoyed doing it, but it was trying at times. I did take about a two week break from it in August, but got back on the train. I think it is a great way to meet people, but sometimes a girl needs to be able to just go out with her friends and be able to focus on them. I would encourage people to do it. It is a great way to get out of a rut, meet new people, break through stereotypes, hear interesting stories and learn about lots and lots of random things.

I think an entire year was a bit long and think that the intended lesson to be learned could be done is 3-6 months(depending on how much you leave the house and are in social situations).

So, there it is. The Year of Yes is over. I hope you enjoyed my updates throughout the year.

Cell phone built into cigarette pack

Also striaght from

"This Chinese phone comes built into a pack of cigarettes and sports a government health warning, an MP3 player, dual GSM radios, a VGA screen and a microSD slot, all for $175 (purchase price includes cigarettes). "
More interesting photos here.

Paper made out of elephant poop

Straight from

"The Elephant Poo Poo Paper company makes stationery and related goods out of dried, odorless elephant shit:

We can make about 25 large sheets of paper from a single piece (or turd) of elephant poo poo!!! That translates into about 10 standard sized journals including the front and back covers! Neat, huh!?!?!? "
Talk about environmentally conscious. I kind of want one of these notebooks.

Manly Man silverware

I don't really know what kind of dinner party you would use this silverware for, but it is kind of fun.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's over. All over.

The Year of Yes officially ends at midnight today. I am too tired to blog on it right now, but will be posting more just wait.

I just have one more word to say.


Monday, March 19, 2007

This one is for the people


Mel and I had a conversation tonight...probably one that we should have had when we were 12 so that I could have set her straight(because I am never wrong). This was a conversation about kissing related to a recent discrepancy.

Our disagreement was on what constituted as "making-out". Mel said that it just had to be a kiss(did not specify open or closed mouth kissing) for 5 minutes or more**. I laughed hysterically at the thought of Mel holding out a stop watch to stop kissing someone at 4min 59sec so that she could say that she didn't make out with them.

I said that I would define it as open mouth or using tongue...rather synonymous with "french kissing"...a term that I greatly dislike.

This is what Urban Dictionary had to say:

kiss: the meeting of two pairs of lips

French kiss: An open-mouthed kiss with tongue

making out: open mouth kissing usually with tongue, and occasionally groping between 2 individuals.

**According to Mel's definition, if she held her closed mouth to her mom's closed mouth for 5 minutes, she just made out with her mom. Ha ha.

What do you have to say?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

3 Beers

An Irishman moves into a tiny village in County Kerry, walks into the pub and promptly orders three beers. The bartender raises his eyebrows, but serves the man three beers, which he drinks quietly at a table, alone. An hour later, the man has finished the three beers and orders three more. This happens yet again.

The next evening the man again orders and drinks three beers at a time, several times. Soon the entire town is whispering about the "Man Who Orders Three Beers."

Finally, a week later, the bartender broaches the subject on behalf of the town. "I don't mean to pry, but folks around h! ere are wondering why you always order three beers?" "Tis odd, isn't it?" the man replies, "You see, I have two brothers, and one went to America, and the other to Australia. We promised each other that we would always order an extra two beers whenever we drank as a way of keeping up the family bond." The bartender and the whole town were pleased with this answer, and soon the "Man Who Orders Three Beers" became a local celebrity and source of pride to the village, even to the extent that out-of-towners would come to watch him drink.

Then, one day, the man comes in and orders only two beers. The bartender pours them with a heavy heart. This continues for the rest of the evening: he orders only two beers. The word flies around town. Prayers are offered for the soul of one of the brothers.

The next day, the bartender says to the man, "Folks around here, me first of all, want to offer condolences to you for the death of your brother. You know-the two beers and all...."

The man ponders this for a moment, then replies, "You'll be happy to hear that my two brothers are alive and well. It's just that I, myself, have decided to give up drinking for Lent.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beautiful People

As I was talking to one of my friends on the phone today, my theory was confirmed.

This particular friend and I share a lot of the same friends. One friend we do not share, was looking through many of my friend's pictures today(of friends that we have in common) and commented, "You have a lot of really beautiful friends."

It just goes to show, my post the other day was quite accurate.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Testament and Theater Discussion

So, I have had my AOL email address for a billion years. Apparently, some years ago...when I was a sophomore or junior in college I programmed the events calendar with my class schedule. I must have set it that I would be doing the same thing for years to come.

When I logged in to check my email today it said that I also had 2 events today. Curious, I click on the tab. AOL informed me that I had New Testament Survey Discussion from 8:35-9:25am and Theater and Society Discussion from 9:30 to 10:30am. This is probably true as I usually had a light load of classes on Tues and Thurs, until the nursing program took over my life. I wonder if anyone is still Waiting for Godot?

Ok. Let's talk basketball.

I am pumped about the Big Ten tourney this weekend. Iowa plays Purdue tomorrow at 1:30pm. Should be a good game. Iowa usually pulls it together for the Big 10 tournament.

Highly disappointed in Duke's loss to NC St tonight. I was glad I got to watch the game, though. I really enjoy watching McRoberts play...and of course Wojo coaching it in style on the bench. I am still waiting for him to propose to me.

I am excited to see Ohio St debut their new uniforms tomorrow. Sounds like the men will be showing a little leg. Woot woot.

For you Dad

My dad told me today that he loves this song. Since the album hasn't dropped yet, I am adding it to my blog so he can listen to it anytime he wants. Enjoy.

Apologies to those of you that can't stand country music and are subjected to it just by viewing my blog.

Much love,

Are noodles the new sushi?

With an recent article on Metromix asking "Are noodles the new sushi?," my response is, huh?!?!

The article lists several noodle houses that have opened around town recently. I ate at noodle houses in college...and I'm beginning to think that isn't so recent(ha ha). Z'Mariks is a popular noodle house in Iowa City that many of the students frequent, so I was shocked to see that they are just up and coming in Chicago.

That leaves me with just one question: Is Iowa trendier than Chicago?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

YOY Update

50 weeks down...2 to go.

Iowa senate raises teachers salaries

The Iowa Senate passed File 277 on Monday, allocating $145 million to raise teachers salaries an average of $2000 over the next two years. This will bring Iowa up significantly on the national average and hopefully keep more new graduates in the state.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Any ladies looking for a good man?

This is a pretty funny video. It's a guy that put it on a dating website to hopefully lure in ladies.

Pronto condoms: The quickest way to get it on(and reduce AIDS in Africa)

Roelf Mulder, an industrial designer, of South Africa’s XYZ Design made this condom applicator with the hopes of encouraging the use of condoms and reducing the spread of AIDS. The application directions are:

"The user holds the device with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, pulling the condom down over the penis in a single rapid movement. "

Sounds easy enough, right? What will matter most is the willingness of the people to use the device.

The applicators are currently being sold(a bit pricey as you would have to get them shipped from Africa) through Pronto condoms. Their website is really interesting and has demonstrations(here and here) on how to use the device. I highly recommend checking it out.

They have a great slogan too, "Pronto condoms, the quickest way to get it on."

Get better sleep...naked is a website promoting people to sleep naked.

The site claims that a person will actually have a better nights sleep if they are in the buff. The theory(I don't see any citations on the site, they claim to have a research page, but i couldn't get to it) is that when nude, you are more relaxed and comfortable, resulting in falling asleep faster and into a deeper and longer sleep.

Sleep Naked also encourages partners to sleep naked together and they will have an increase in intimacy. Studies also show that it showed improved fertility in men, due to the lack of clothing and cooler conditions(just like men that go commando or wear boxers are more fertile than men that wear whitey-tighties).

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I don't have any unattractive friends.

This is not a conscious gesture. Maybe it is a subconscious thing, I don't know. Really though, all my friends are physically attractive. One acquaintance suggested that I thought they were all beautiful because of their "insides." I agreed, but they are also beautiful on the outside. I don't know why this is, because I consider myself just average looking. I think some of them could be models.

Sorry, this is a really random blog post but it has come of multiple times recently.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


The Letter A
Are you available?: yes
What is your age?: 25
What annoys you?: stupid and uneducated people

Letter B
Do you live in a big house?: not currently
When is your birthday?: May 4th

The Letter C
What's your favorite candy?: regular starburst and junior mints
When was the last time you cried?: my grandma's funeral

The Letter D
Do you daydream?: yes
What's your favorite kind of dog?: a friendly one
What day of the week is it?:Thursday

The Letter E
How do you like your eggs?: probably scrambled...whites only
Have you ever been in the emergency room?: once. I had a hematoma
What's the easiest thing ever to do?: hmmm....

The Letter F
Have you ever flown in a plane?: yes, i love flying
Do you use fly swatters?: only on the farm
Have you ever used a foghorn?: no, but i have used a megaphone

The Letter G
Do you chew gum?:i love gum, especially the whitening kind
Do you like gummy candies?: oh, yes

The Letter H
How are you?: very happy
What's your height?:5'11"..I'm a tall girl
what color is your hair?: brown

The Letter I
What's your favorite ice cream?: i don't really like ice cream, but vanilla or mint chocolate chip
Have you ever ice skated?: yes
Do you play an instrument?: i used to play the flute

The Letter J
Whats your favorite jelly bean?: jelly beans are nasty
have you ever heard a really funny joke?: yes, i love funny
Do you wear jewelry?: not very often...i'm not a jewelry type of girl

The Letter K
Who do you want to kill?: no one, what kind of question is this?
Do you want kids?: if it works out
Where did you have kindergarten?: in Marcus

Letter L
Are you laid back?: to a point
Do you lie?: everyday, but jokingly about dumb stuff

The Letter M
Whats your favorite movie?: i don't have a favorite
Do you still watch Disney movies?: yeah, i work on a peds unit, they only watch PG, so I see a lot of Disney
Do you like mangoes?: yeah

The Letter N
Do you have a nickname?: yes, a lot of them
Whats your favorite number?: 4 or 25

The Letter O
Whats your one wish?: to be happy
Are you an only child?: definitely not
Do you wish this was over?: sure

The Letter P
What's one fear are you most paranoid about?: failure
What's a personality trait you look for in the opposite sex?: humor

The Letter S
do u prefer sun or rain?: i like them both
Do you like snow?: yes, i like to sled
What's your favorite season?: spring, because it's my birthday and fall for football season

The Letter T
What time is it?: 11:43pm
What time did you wake up?: 8:07am
When was the last time you slept in a tent?: umm...2 summers ago

The Letter U
Are you wearing underwear?: yeah, actually i am.
Have you used an umbrella this week?: no, i never use them, i hate them

The Letter V
Whats the worst veggie:? i can't think of a veggie i dont like, maybe beets
Where do you want to go on vacation?: anywhere warm right now

The Letter W
Where do you live?: Chicago

The Letter X
Have you ever had an x-ray?: many of them
Have you seen the x-games?: no
Do you own a xylophone?: i wish

The Letter Y
Do you like the color yellow?: sure
What year were you born in?: 1981

The Letter Z
Whats your zodiac sign?: taurus
Do you believe in the zodiac?: um, it's kinda sketchy
What's your favorite zoo animal?: the elk-deer