Friday, December 01, 2006

Updates and randomitis

--Today is world AIDS day. Do something.

--A little known fact about me is that I love Fanta grape soda, but I never really drink it because of all the empty calories. So, I was very excited to find Fanta grape Lipsmackers chapstick at Walgreens the other day. I feel like a 3rd grader when I wear it, but it is so great. It was a very exciting purchase for me.

--I got very exciting mail today. In an unmarked envelope, I received one picture without a message. It was a very funny picture and I laughed very hard. Thank you for whoever(and I know who) sent it to me.

--Today, my roommate and I put up Christmas decorations in our apartment. Our Christmas tree looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree with the old school fatty lights. It's just great. One of my all time favorite smells is pine tree.

-- I made really good coffee today.

--I learned how to play Rummikub today and love it. Megan and I also played 3 games of Scrabble. I love playing games.

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Mel said...

I used to be a Fanta girl.