Tuesday, December 26, 2006

movie reviews and a shout out to nate

I like to keep it short and sweet.

The Departed- brilliant and twisted. if you haven't seen it yet, do. soon.

Casino Royale- i like daniel craig as the new bond a surprising amount. the dialogue between vesper and bond, i loved. if he were alive, i would really want to have dinner with ian. and yes, we would be on a first name basis.

**I owe a big thanks to Nate. Tonight on the way home, I managed to leave my cell phone in the cab. Fortunately, Nate was online and and repeatedly called my phone until the cabbie answered it and Nate convinced him to drive it back to me. Now, I am perched at my window waiting for mr cabbie to return. I owe you big time, Nate. Thanks buddy.
So, after an hour and a half and the cab driver not showing up, I enlisted Tommy's help. He with the help of a friend was able to call my cell until said driver answered. Finally, with much help, I was able to get my phone back and pay this man a hefty fare. Thanks guys.

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