Sunday, December 10, 2006

Aaron Aaron Aaron

This weekend, while Aaron was in town, we hit up Michigan Ave to do a little Christmas shopping. Going with the assumption that we would have lots of bags when we left, I decided to drive instead of taking the L. Parking turned out to be quite a fiasco.

The first ramp we went in didn't have a single open spot and we got charged $13 for driving around to look for a spot. On the way into the ramp, you have to insert a credit card to get in. Well, I kept putting the swipe bar in the wrong direction and the man working there came over to assist me and Aaron told the man that I was mentally retarded. On the way out, we couldn't get out and I had to press the call assistance button and the conversation with the man in the speaker went like this:

Me: Hello. There were no open spots and we need to get out.
Speaker guy: You want to boing?
Me: Do I want to what?
Speaker guy: Do you want to boing?
Me: Do I want to what?
Speaker guy: Do you want to boing?
Me: Do I want to WHAT!?!?
Speaker guy: Do you want to GO IN?
Me: No! I am trying to get out!
Speaker guy: Let me press the button for you.

Mean while, Aaron is laughing hysterically in the background, because he also thought the man was asking me if I wanted to boing.

Next, we decided to park at the Hancock. We pull up and the man asks me to roll down my window, so I did. He informed me that he would have to check my trunk before going in. Aaron yelled out to him, "She has junk in her trunk." Again, thank you Aaron.

At lunch in Water Tower there was a Nutcracker on roller skates. Aaron pulled him over to me and made him take a picture with me. He was also wearing a button that claimed to be a hug therapist and told the nutcracker to hug me and he did. We all know how much I love hugs.

After lunch, we met up with Courtney and Chrissy and did a whole lot of shopping. We made friends with a guy working in Guess and he was very helpful as he took jeans off of a mannequin. I think I am definitely better at shopping for guys clothes than girls clothes and think I am now very well acquainted with every single style of guys jeans ever made.


Aaron said...

I love posts that are titled "Aaron Aaron Aaron"!

Lots of fun this weekend... definitely have to do it again, but we're taking the El next time!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen that coat before--is it a "Christmas" gift?