Thursday, December 07, 2006

Make a loved one last forever

Urns of ashes may be a thing of the past.

Ashes to Portraits is a company that lets you send in your loved ones creamated ashes and they will mix them will a special oil based paint and create a painting of your choice. Just think, you can have your loved one's burned body smeared on a canvas and hang it on your wall.

I should have done this with my recently deceased pet.

**I would like to note that the artist is listening to an iPOD in the photo. Do you think you can request to have the artist listen to the deceased's favorite music while painting them to get a true sense of the person?

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Anonymous said...

This really freaks me out. Kind of like the time someone told me that they want to be cremated..then have there ashes baked in to brownies that would be served at their memorial/funeral service.