Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Copy Cat

Many people have been posting on how quickly the year has been flying by. I have to agree.

I pretty much don't remember anything that has happened since I turned 25 in May. Maybe it is senility.

With only 20 days until Christmas, I have yet to start my shopping or really even think about it. Everyone might be receiving fruit of the month, meat of the month and cheese of the month gift subscriptions. Seriously. I usually take pride in getting people thoughtful gifts, but I have really been slacking this year. I haven't even sent out my Christmas cards or figured out what I want to write in them.

Maybe I was thrown off by that much advertised extra week of shopping in between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Perhaps, I thought, "why worry, you have plenty of time." We all know that I like to procrastinate with the excuse that I work best under stress...maybe I am subconsciously doing that. Who knows...any way you look at it, I'm behind.

In short, sorry if your presents really suck. I will make sure I get gift receipts and give them with my gifts.

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Anonymous said...

I feel somewhat the same way... so-o-o the kitty that you are getting for Christmas may now become a dog or gerbil. I may even give you kitty litter for one of the latter animals--that is, if I remember to get you an animal. Maybe I will just wrap up some of your thousands of pairs of black flipflops and you'll be happy. With those gifts, I may wrap up "Skunk" and "Guess Who?" from your Grandfather's basement!!!