Monday, December 25, 2006

celebrating Christmas via phone

So, my Christmas started off on a high note. When I left work last night I had several Merry Christmas texts and voice mails. The first one received was from my brother...never put it past him to be super thoughtful.

This morning I was woken up by a phone call from my uncle wishing me a Merry Christmas and was then passed around to everyone in the family. Then, Jenne, my old roommate called and we talked for about an hour as it has probably been about 2 months since we have really had a chance to catch up. I also got to talk to Mel and Megan and received several more Merry Christmas texts and a few Feliz Navidads.

Then, work called and said that actually, I wouldn't be working today as too many people were on the schedule and it was my turn in the rotation to get called off. As soon as I hung up, I got a call from my cousin's little girl wishing me a Merry Christmas and was again passed around to the entire family. Feeling a little bummed that I got called off, my dad encouraged me to go out and do something.

So, I decided to pick up some Subway(i love it) for lunch and returning home, I had 3 missed calls from my brother. On the 5 hour drive home from my grandparents on Christmas it is tradition to set our resolutions for the new year. So, I got the call to state my resolutions. Of course, while I am on the phone with my brother, my mom thinks it is hilarious to also call my phone from her cell...and they are all in the same car.

Through work we get free movie tickets a lot and I have multiple that are about to expire, so I thought I would go see a couple movies that I have been wanting to see. I am pretty excited to see The Departed and Casino Royale. My brother was a little bummed that I was going to see Casino Royale, because we usually watch Bond movies together, but who knows when we would have time to see it together. My critiques of the movies to come later...if I can make it through 2 movies.

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