Monday, October 06, 2008

You might be interested to know...

1) It's national Mental Illness Awareness week.

Did you know that war veteran's have twice the suicide rate compared to the rest of the US population?

One in eight veterans that return to their college campus after serving in the war have PTSD.

2) University of Iowa to receive FEMA funds

The University received $230 million in damages during the flood this past summer and FEMA will be directing about $75 million in flood relief to my alma mater.

3) AIDS, cancer scientists win 2008 Nobel Prize

As Kenneth Cole said, "We all have AIDS."

4) Duke picked No. 4 in preseason poll

5) Iowa Basketball Preseason Prospectus

It will prove to be an interesting season with such a young team and it being Lickliter's second season coaching the Hawkeyes.

6) TIME: Why some women hate Sarah Palin

Keeping all political comments to myself, I find this article to be interesting and disheartening. If you aren't going to like someone, it should not be for a superficial reason.

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