Thursday, October 30, 2008

dirty down there

Since I work in health care, there are almost no health subjects that are off limits at work. It seems that lately, we have had an excessive number of teenage girls coming into the hospital positive for STD/STIs, which is very concerning to me. One of my co-workers uses a great phrase to describe promiscuous people and people positive for STDs..."dirty down there." 

As I was reading an article on today, it linked me to an article from Since the article was cleverly written, I started clicking around on the site and read a few more articles when one featured another website that helps you tell people when you are "dirty down there." is a website sponsored by a nonprofit organization that is "dedicated to developing and using Internet technologies to prevent disease transmission and enhance the sexual well-being of individuals and communities."

Through this website you can send e-cards to sexual partners notifying them that you are positive for a STD or just letting them know that they might want to get checked. There is also an option to send
anonymously. A handy scrolling list of STDs is available if you want to get specific. Even if you aren't "dirty down there," you should check out the site and keep it mind in case you ever know of anyone that has the misfortune of contracting something.

And just remember...

You don't have to be a cheap, immoral promiscuous slut to get AIDS. All you have to be is unlucky.

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megan said...

i know a winston churchill quote when i see one! i can't believe you tried to use that kicker as your own!