Saturday, October 04, 2008

The burbs

Last night, I trekked it out to the burbs...all for Megan. I've hardly seen her since she moved out to Arlington Heights. I think I saw her more when she lived in Miami than just a suburb away.

We had a great dance party in the car while we waited in rush hour traffic. Then we went to dinner at Fuego, a fun Mexican restaurant by her place. The tables were really close together and it almost felt as if we were eating community style(the newest trend since tapas). Fortunately for us, the older woman next to us had a birthday. Oh yeah, we got to sing to her while she wore a sombrero. The younger man with her exclaimed, "I wish I had my camera with me." Well, I had mine, of course. So, I offered to take their picture and email it to them. It turns out that the woman had just turned 90 and her grandson had flown in from Atlanta just to take her out to dinner. Hilariously, the 90 year old thought that the sombrero was a souvenir and took it with her to remember her birthday.

Then, just when we thought nothing else funny could happen, I went to the bathroom before we left the restaurant. Naturally, there was a line, with no where to wait. Everyone was shuffling around like we were at a Friday night ho-down practicing our square dance moves. Someone)perhaps me) said that it was like a dance just to move in there and this 70ish woman started breaking it down. I couldn't stop laughing, nor could the other 5 people waiting. As I was coming out of the bathroom the same 70ish woman was walking out ahead of me and I noticed something looked askew with her outfit, then hit me...her skirt was tucked into her underwear and she was about to give a packed restaurant the show of her lifetime. I ran after her and got her stopped before she made it to the first table, but it was a close call. Dinner and a show, anyone?

We took the night down a notch after dinner and headed back to Megan's place and played two very serious games of Scrabble and consumed some nice wine. Next time we see each other we will have to have the tie breaker game. See, the thing is...I'm a little bit competitive.

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Megan said...

Good times in AH with Merms. P.S. I biffed it at the mall today. hilarious story.