Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's not only a phone, but a conversation piece

I believe that iPhone users are in some sort of secret cult, so secret that we often don't know we are in it, until too late. We have this weird common bond with each other that allows us to use our phones as a conversation starter. More random people talk to me now more than ever before, especially if they also have an iPhone.
Everyone that comes into the salon that also has an iPhone and sees mine will immediately start chatting me up about it. Talking about the pros and cons of the device and now, the applications that we most love. People LOVE to show off their favorite applications. I usually tell people that my favorite app is the Magic 8 ball. Ask it a question, flip the phone over and BAM an answer. Everyone loves to ask the 8 ball a question.

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Jayjay1909 said...

Please ask the 8 ball "If Jessica slams the guy behind her who is snoring (loudly) with his head down on the desk...if she slams this guy in the head..will he die?"