Monday, October 13, 2008

Having a cold one

My brother was in Vegas the weekend before last for a guys weekend and for his fantasy basketball draft. One of his buddies that lives there wanted to go to some bar that he had never been to and convinced the crew to go. Upon entering this bar(5 below, I believe) the guys had to watch a safety video and were given a parka and mittens to wear while in the bar. The bar was apparently made entirely of ice. After going through the process, they get into the bar and realize they are the only ones there. To add to it, upon going to the bar, they could only get vodka and cranberry or white cranberry juice. They opted to take their on the rocks and get out of there, with my brother claiming it was the worst bar he had ever been to. I would challenge him and say...JB Barracudas...c'mon, it's nickname was "The Cuda."

CNN had an article on a similar bar in Orlando.

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