Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Sadly, one of my cockroaches has gone to cockroach Heavan. Only two remain. With a life span of 2-3 years, I feel I will be losing the other two soon as the end of thier life span is quickly approaching, however, some live up to 5 years.

Mel sent me a link to an article about the 10 creepiest pets to own and my Madagascar hissing cockroaches made it to #2 on the list. Way to go boys!


Anonymous said...

I have a small party everytime I hear about your dead cockroach!


Mel said...

me too! In fact, it may have been my hatred for the cockroach that killed it.

robjellis said...

aw, i enjoyed the cockroaches, even tho they were all asleep humping each other when i was there.

i will drink a saber tooth shot to him.