Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gross porno guy gets told NO

I used the "N" word again during the Year of Yes. It was the same night that that inspired the "guys are insecure too" post.

Let me start out by giving you a little history on this guy, we'll call him No Shame. My roommate and I were in this same bar a week or so ago and No Shame came in(by himself) and sat down between us and two random guys. No Shame started talking to us, as he had met us before and recognized us from the neighborhood. Not too long after he starts talking to us, he informs us that he filmed a porno when he was 17 and the 10 Anniversary of the porn was the week before. At first we thought he was joking and just awkwardly laughed at him. He wouldn't shut up about it and we kept giving him reality feedback about how that was something he shouldn't brag about and that we thought it was really gross. I even informed him of symptoms of STDs. The 2 random guys on the other side of No Shame were even telling No Shame that he was grossing them out, but he just kept on bragging like it was the highlight of his 27 year long life. We eventually left to escape this guy.

So, fast forward back to the other night. There were only about 6 people total in the bar, being the bartender, his girlfriend, my coworker and I and two randoms. Enter No Shame and his friend. After being there for a short while, No Shame's friend approaches me and tells me that No Shame likes me and is going to come down and ask me out in about 5 minutes. I nicely inform No Shame's friend that he doesn't need to bother, as I will say no. No Shame's friend inquires why and I explain to him about my last encounter with No Shame. No Shame's friend goes back down and talks to No Shame. THEN, No Shame still comes down and tries to ask me out and professes his love for me, in which I reject him and he doesn't understand why or how I could say no. It all ends with, "Can't we be friends?"

I have determined there are two basic forms of social retardation.
1) The shy guy that can never pull himself together enough to ask someone out.
2) The guy that knows he is going to get rejected and still repeatedly and shamelessly hurls himself at the rejector.

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