Friday, November 03, 2006

Neither here nor there

--I have officially updated to Blogger Beta, which I am loving so far. I am considering customizing my blog's layout a little more when I have some time. Don't be surprised if you visit my blog one day and it looks a little different.

--After being stood up by Guy #4 last night, one of my co-workers called to see if I wanted to hang out with her, her boyfriend and another co-worker. All being very fun people, I accepted the invitation. We headed over to Union Park, a bar and eatery that I have been wanting to try. The place was pretty dead, but we had a good time. We did a lot of discussing and planning of the work Christmas party. The co-worker and her boyfriend hosted it last year and everyone had a blast. Keno(the boyfriend) is all about going all out and suggested several themes. One he really wants is for everyone to wear something holiday themed. He also suggested a dress code of men wearing blazers or sport coats and the females have to wear head bands. Wearing your worst Christmas print or holiday pattern sweater was also thrown out there.


Angela said...

i love the color change. i want to change mine too! my old layout colors matched my bedroom colors perfectly so i should change them to match my new bedroom colors! you're so inspirational.

Angela said...

why am i angela now? i don't remember changing that. weird.