Saturday, November 25, 2006

Boy born with fetus in stomach

In a rare occurance(1 in 500,000 chance), a boy was born with a fetus in his stomach. It is a condition called fetus in fetu, where one twin begins to grow inside the other.

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Jayjay1909 said...

Ok I gotta say that is kind of freaky. I went to an exhibit at a science center this summer called "Bodies" and they used real human bodies that were preserved and stuff to go through all the muscular systems and bones and nerves and stuff and did this whole big display about the human body...kinda gross but really cool. They had some stories about similar stuff to this like finding teeth and hair..but never a fetus. Gross...but is it possible ..maybe we could work on something similar to this..and make men go through child bearing. hahahaha