Monday, July 31, 2006's spreading and an update

Last night a co-worker was talking about dating and what not and she was saying how she felt like she was in a rut. Conversation turned to more conversation and I informed her about the Year of Yes. She couldn't believe that she hadn't heard of it before and thought it was the best idea ever. So when I ran home on break, grabbed the book for her and took it back so she had the original source of the craziness. I do believe she is now doing the Year of Yes. Perhaps I will also be able to blog about her random stories and updates, too.

My only update of late comes from Saturday night. Mel and I had headed out to our usual favorite bar, The Four Corners. It was late, I had just gotten off of work and wanted to sit and relax. With in ten minutes of being in there at least 5 sweaty guys had run us over as the place was packed and impossible to move around. I voted that we head somewhere else as I was not in the mind set to deal with so many people.

We decided to hail a cab to Greek town and see what was going on over there. With many unsuccessful attempts as getting a cab by standing on the corner(read: there were people in them, not that we don't have mad cab hailing skills). So we walked to the Marriott and Mel flipped the cab switch herself and with in 10 seconds we had our cab. Short ride to Greek town and we headed into the dive-ish bar called Duggan's, where we had been once before. Right after saddling up to the bar we noticed several mullets and knew we were in for a good time.

About half way through our first drink a man walks in and sticks his hand straight into the popcorn machine, pulls out a hand full and pops it in his mouth. He walks up to the bar right where I am sitting and I turn to him and say "Did you just dive into the popcorn machine bare handed?" He asked if it was that obvious and I responded to the affirmative. Anyhow, it turns out that he ended up sitting with us for the whole night and left with my number because he claimed that he wanted to take me out on a date. Since it is the YOY, I had to say "yes" and dole out the digits. He really spent most of the night trying to analyze us and determine why we were single. He claimed that we busted peoples balls a lot and that I was a hard ass. Mel and I made a bet. I said he would not call and Mel said that he would, he has not called yet. I am pretty sure that Mel said he had two days to call. It is the beginning of day 2, no call....and no, I am not sad that he hasn't called.


mel said...

there was no time limit on the bet. sorry about my rage :)

Jenne said...

i love hearing about the year of yes. i'm not going to lie. i feel like i've been standing outside just looking at the YOY train go by. i'm gonna get back on. i promise you. as soon as i get settled in san diego, or should i say... Man Diego.