Sunday, July 16, 2006

After these messages, I'll be......right back

I am hanging out at my brother's house in the STL and am soon to head back to Chicago. My parents were down this weekend for my brother's birthday as well.

Friday night we saw a great Cards game, where Carpenter threw a 2-hit shut-out and the weather was pretty decent. The new stadium is fabulous.

Saturday we ran errands and went out for a birthday lunch for Josh. Then Josh, Jill and I played some vicious games of Monopoly. Jill and Josh were close until the end, but I think Jill cam out to be the winner. I sat in jail most of the first game and lost miserably. We took a break from Monopoly and had dinner at macaroni Grille, where I discovered that I hate pesto sauce. I had some excellent tomato creme sauce with a leaning bellini for a cocktail(delicious). After dinner with our bellies full and new statagies at the game we settled down for another go at Monopoly. The outcome was a little more lopsided the second time around.

I'm packed up, we are headed to the mall, eating some lunch then I am going to the train station to head to Chicago.

Stay tuned for pictures to be put up when I return.

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Chom ;-) said...

Please don't forget, Sta, that your parents can now "frame" you with some pics from our new camera, thanks to our two children.