Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hotel de Stawojo

Our apartment has been much like a hotel the past few weeks with all the visitors we have had. Mel was here at the beginning of the week before flying out to Walla Walla, Washington for an interview at Whitman College. No, they don't make the chocolates there, I asked her. Just so that questions is not burning in all of your minds for some time to come. Well, she flew back into OHare yesterday and once again took up residence here on W Harrison St. It is sad to think that soon her trips to visit may not be so frequent as we always have a good time.

Megan's boyfriend is also currently staying in our apartment as he is in town for some hearing conference or something.

Well, must get ready. Headed to have a partying in my mouth at Orange. If you are in Chicago and you don't eat there, you are making a big mistake.

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Megan said...

I think our apartment should be called hotel de good times. We have had a wonderful time with our July guests. We are currently taking reservations for hotel de good times for August and September 2006.