Thursday, July 20, 2006

Viva Huevos Rancheros

Mel was in the area to visit a friend, so we met up for breakfast today. We headed back to our new favorite spot, Orange. Mel had a delicious looking bacon breakfast burrito that was plenty spicy and loaded with hot peppers. I stole a bit and it was yum-o! I had the huevos rancheros and was still dreaming about them at work tonight. So great. I am definitely taking the fam there this weekend. Mel and I also hit up the Target on Clark and I played personal stylist for Mel and encouraged her to buy 3 shirts, which she did. We actually now own 2 of the same shirts.

For a second weekend in a row, there will be lots of Lens family fun to be had. That's right, mom, dad, and brother are all headed to the windy city. Currently on the agenda are lots of places I would like them to eat at with a Sox game mixed in on Friday night.

Tentative plans include:

Friday- Everyone arrives late afternoon/early evening. Have Giordanos for supper and go to Sox game. See Sox win.

Saturday- Possibly hit up the farmers market and get some fresh produce. Eat at Orange for a late brunch/early lunch. Do Millennium Park...see the Bean. Lincoln Park Zoo? Possibly Cheesecake Factory for supper with cocktails at the Hancock Observatory.

Sunday- Say goodbye to the brother early in the a.m. and see what the weather is like and hit up the Botanical Gardens.

If you have any other ideas, comment them to me.

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Megan said...

I have an idea--- Enter Josh in the Gay Games 2006.