Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A little little life update

**The Year of Yes has been as exciting as watching the grass grow during a drought lately. I have been working a lot and some weird hours. It's summer time and lots of people are going on vacation at work, so my hours haven't been all that normal lately.

**Speaking of work, I had my first near major injury at work the other day. We had to take down an aggressive child and while trying to take off it's(I don't normally refer to patients as an it, but am doing so now to protect the patient's identity) shoes, one of it's legs got free and I took a kick straight to the face. The kick went directly into my nose and mouth and I just kept thinking "my teeth, my teeth, my teeth." I really didn't care if I had a broken nose, but I didn't want my teeth messed up. Fortunately, there wasn't enough force behind the kick to do any damage, but the whole situation was a little scary, and my face is a little sore today. The highlight of the whole take down was when the patient yelled "Sorry Stacey" while kicking me in the face.

**I am very excited to be traveling to STL this weekend to visit my brother for his birthday. My parents will also be there! Yay for family fun! AND we will be headed to the Cards/Dodgers game on Friday night. Go Red Birds!!!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to bring your hand held fan, as the temperatures plus the humidity will be near 113 degrees! Of course, that is your mother's favorite weather.

Chork ;-)

robjellis said...

don't let the grass grow ... keep that shit trimmed up!

Why Read Shitty Books said...

so i was thinking about taking pre-med classes and trying to go to Med. School, so i can become a psychiatrist? do you think i would be good at something like that?

The Great Googly Moogly said...