Thursday, February 08, 2007

Party in my mouth

There is a short list of things I love so much that I qualify them as a party in my mouth.

I've found another to add to the list.

This morning I was talking to my brother on the phone as he was on his way back to work from a hearing and stated that he might stop at Quizno's for lunch. My mind immediately leaped to Miss Vicki's lime and black pepper chips. Normally, I don't eat regular potato chip(i'm a baked kinda girl), but these are my exception. I had originally heard about them from a co-worker who raved about them. So, on my next trip to the Q, I got me a bag.

Wow! Bam! Party in my mouth. What a great flavor combination. Black pepper and lime. Love it.

Well, I asked my brother if he had ever tried them and he said that they were "epic" and then he asked me if they qualified as a party in mouth...and they do.

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Anonymous said...

I in fact stopped at Quizno's only to find that they did not have any of the lime chips. I had to settle for the Jalapeno Miss Vickie's, which aren't bad in their own right, but definitely weren't a party in my mouth.