Friday, February 02, 2007

On the homefront

My new obsession is Oats and Peanut Butter Fiber One granola bars. They are so delicious and don't even taste healthy(they taste like my mom's peanut butter rice krispie bars, one of my all time favorites). I walk around handing out bites to people and everyone loves them. People at work asked me to buy them boxes and bring them to them at work, ha ha. Since they are new on the market, introduced to me by Jenne, I want everyone to buy them so they stay on the market.

I have been craving really spicy foods lately. What is the deal with that? Any mudphuds out there care to explain that one to me?

The Super Bowl this weekend and I am very excited for two reasons. One, football. Two, I get to make a lot of fun food for the party. I love any reason to cook.

This post was not intended to be focused on food, oops.


Sanjida said...

Regarding your spicy food craving:

My mom swears by the fact that eating hot and spicy foods in the winter keeps you warmer. That's not much of a scientific explanation, but it may help you make a little sense of it. Do your tastebuds feel warm?

slens04 said... has been a lot colder out lately.

Right now my tastebuds feel cold because I just took a drink of water. I will be sure to pay attention to them, though.

Thanks, Sanjida!