Monday, February 05, 2007

Da Bears, the single life, and my day off

#1. The Super Bowl.
I enjoyed watching Bob Sanders and Dallas Clark play for the Colts as I spent much of my undergrad following them as Hawkeyes. The Colts deserved the win.

#2 A note to the men of Chicago
Today the Chicago Tribune reported that single women outnumber single men in Chicago by 217,372. It's a fairly interesting article. It also reported that 58% of today's college students are female.

#3 Tomorrow is my first day off in 13 days
I can't wait to have the day off tomorrow. I planned to work on projects around the apartment and bumming a bit. Bumming might soon become a requirement as I started to feel sick at work tonight and had such a bad sore throat by the time I left that I could hardly talk or swallow. My tonsils are at a +3! At least it gives me a reason to drink more hot tea....mmm.

1 comment:

Dave Evanns said...

Yeah, what happened to the Bears so called great defense?

Looks like I need to move to Chicago!