Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Totally gross--Tales from the gym

When I was at the gym the other day, I was wondering how often people don't wipe the machines off after they use them. I always clean them off when I am done, but never before I start working out....a new practice that I will employ after I tell you about what I saw.

I am doing my thing on the elliptical(which is in the front row right before the nautilus machines), when a guy starts using the leg press machine right in front of me. The guy takes a paper towel from the wall and meticulously lays it across the head piece where he will be putting his head. He proceeds to do a set of presses then lays there and rests on the machine. While he is taking a break, he proceeds to start digging in his nose. This wasn't a normal swipe or wipe of the nose, but full-on finger in past the first knuckle digging. I was totally grossed out. He put his hand right back on the handle and did two more sets. When he was done, he took his head paper towel off, threw it away and DIDN'T wipe down the machine. So gross. If I got off the elliptical before anyone else used the machine, I was going to wipe and down and say something to that guy. Unfortunately, some unlucky guy made it to the leg press machine before I got off the elliptical. He also did not wipe it down, so maybe it was just karma that he used the boogery machine.

In fact, I didn't see anyone wipe down any of the weight machines, but 90% of the people wiped down the cardio machines when they were done.

All I know, is I am becoming a wiper-downer before and after working out.

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Anonymous said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.