Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's about time for a YOY update

I reported a few weeks ago that I was going to get back into the YOY full swing.

Well, I did. Here are the updates!

Man #1:
Right after confirming that I was going back to the YOY, I met a guy at the bar who seemed really nice and smart. Well we hung out one night and talked and everything seemed good, but then I saw him out and about a couple of more times with minimal acknowledgement to my existence. Wierdo. His loss. I am sure he will be in therapy 20 years from now and it will all come back to him not calling me.

Man #2:
While in Iowa City on Saturday, we were watching the game at Donnellys. In the middle of the game a quite intoxicated man came up to me and told that I was beautiful and asked me to dance. I laughed and said, there isn't any music on, the game is on. He said he wanted to dance anyway...well, being that it is the year of yes, I popped out of my chair and danced with him. He wanted me to leave and go meet up with his friends at another bar, but I was hanging with Anna and Mel and the game was on. I felt the dancing was "yes" enough.

Man #3
Later in the night on Saturday, we went to an establishment called Jakes where I ran into a guy that I had a couple of classes with my freshman year in college. We talked for a while and were talking about our love for Iowa football and I informed him that I get to go to a wedding reception in the press boxes at Kinnick next year. At this point he invited himself to be my date at the wedding. I said, sure, why not. We exchanged numbers...I am betting he won't call...and that is ok. It was a fun interaction.

Man #4
Being the super cool roommates that we are, Megan and I played Scrabble last night then decided to go to the neighborhood bar for one drink. Once we got to the bar it started pouring, like Hurricane Katrina style pouring rain. So we stayed for a second drink, when the two nice guys sitting next to us started chatting us up and we disclosed to them that we had been playing Scrabble. One of the guys apparently loves board games and keeps them in the trunk of his car. So we encouraged him to go get Balderdash and he did...in the middle of the tsunami. The game wasn't in his car but he did have a kickball. Sadly, we couldn't convince enough people to play kickball in the bad weather. Board game guy and I hung out for a while longer then decided we had to brave the weather, since it was pouring out and we were already soaking wet, we decided to dip our feet in the fountain, jump in puddles and dance in the rain. We exchanged numbers and had a lot of fun. I think I would say yes to this guy again.

There you have it.
Update complete.


ange said...

dude i'm all for #4. not very many men are okay with frolicking, definitely keep the frolicker.

second of all, the eggplant parmigiana sweats cracked me up.

third of all, i love that you have halloween placemats. very iowa. very great.

Sanjida said...

OOOh. Such an exciting YoY already! Please keep us posted ...And I second the support of man #4. He sounds like a fun-finder!