Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I would like to title this "Only in Iowa" but it happened in Illinois

While driving back from my parents house today, I was on I-80. Cruising along like most folk, I see lots of flashing lights(fire truck and several state troopers, about 18 authorities in all) up ahead and a semi turned over in the ditch,laying in pieces, on the opposite side of the road. In the median area, I see a black object that appears to be a body bag. I begin to feel a little sick to my stomach for the scene that I am about to arrive upon.

I begin to slow down and get much closer to the scene. The semi trucks in front of me come to a full stop and so do I. I look back over the road and see that the large black object in the middle of the road is not a body bag, but a cow. A large black cow laying down in the grass. I also see 3 state patrol men standing in the middle of the road on my side herding 3 cattle off the interstate, across 4 lanes of traffic and up the hill. As I began to leave the scene the men were still unable to get the one heifer to move out of the median.

I pulled out my camera to attempt to get a picture of this scene, but was too late. I am still unsure if the cattle caused the semi to go into the ditch or if it was a semi filled with livestock that escaped and decided to play on the interstate once they were free.

Either way, it made my drive more interesting.

Apparently it was a livestock trailer

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