Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yes, it is 3:30am

I am blogging while on my break at work. It is my second break of the night because I am working a double(3pm-7:30am). Yikes, we got really busy at work tonight with some intense admissions so I volunteered to stay and work the extra shift.

For some reason, it is ridiculously cold at work tonight. On my evening shift break, I ran home and put on more clothes. I am wearing a tank top, hooded t-shirt and a wool sweater, leggings, tall socks and jeans and I am still cold! How crazy is that?!?!?

I also read about some Japanese noodle tonight that I would really like to try. They are called shirataki noodles, so I am going to research where I can buy them. No doubt if I find them there will be a post dedicated to stay tuned.

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robjellis said...

"How crazy is that?!?!?"

TOTALLY crazy!!!