Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Iowa Football preseason rankings

Unit rankings are out at College Football News. Here's how the Iowa Hawkeyes are measuring up against the other colleges.

Defense: ranked #33

Defensive line: #8
The line was considered a big problem spot going into last season after losing a slew of productive all-stars, but there were whispers that things might not be so bad with several raw, talented prospects. Even the most hopeful Hawkeye fans couldn't have foreseen how good the front four was going to become with four rising superstars with all-star potential. Ken Iwebema got most of the press after turning into a pass rushing terror, while Bryan Mattison was almost as good on the other side. Matt Kroul and Mitch King bulked up in a big hurry going from big linebackers the quick tackles in a year. Everyone can get into the backfield and everyone can stop the run with the ends bigger than the tackles.

Linebackers: #51

Defensive backs: #47

Special Teams: #41

Offenses: #12

Quarterbacks: #9
Can Drew Tate close out with an All-American bang? One of the tougher competitors in college football, Tate brings the attitude to the Hawkeyes. He's efficient and experienced, and now he has to make sure he can stay healthy after missing time here and there throughout last season. Jason Manson and Jake Christensen are capable backups, but Iowa needs Tate to have any chance of becoming a Big Ten champion.

Running backs: #15

Receivers: #56

Offensive line: #24

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