Sunday, August 20, 2006

Google re-launches Writely

Google launches free, kick-ass word-processor

Google has re-lauched Writely, the online word-processor they recently bought, in public beta. Writely does everything Word does, for free -- and saves its output as PDFs and even RSS feeds (subscribe to a word-processor doc!). It features collaborative editing -- multiple editors on the same doc at once -- and can be used as the editor for writing your blog, saving out to a post instead of a file on your machine. This is a great-looking program for people who have always-on Internet, and for so long as you don't worry about the NSA demanding that Google turn over its Writely files as part of some "security" procedure. Also: if I were a Google China user, I'd have some doubts about this, given that Google has shown that when it comes to China, keeping the government happy is more important than delivering the best product it can. Link (via Vertical Hold)

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mel said...

You can't blame Google for the censorship of China's Internet. The government simply does that all on its own. The only good thing that comes from that is that they cannot access any Internet page on Richard Gere (b/c of his connection to the Free Tibet movement).

slens04 said...

i am not blaming. i took this from boingboing