Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Year of Yes Update

So, I haven't been good at giving Year of Yes updates, not that much has been going on.

I think the biggest change that I have noticed has been in myself. I am not sure why, but I feel like I have been friendlier and more open to talking to different types of guys since I started the Year of Yes. Which, is ultimately the goal of doing the YoY. I have always given the advice that you should always say yes if you are unsure because the worst that could happen is that you learn something new....I give good advice, but often don't take my own advice. Since the YoY I have been been doing better at taking my own advice.

On Tuesday night, Jenne and I went for dinner and a couple of drinks at a new bar on Taylor St. While we were sitting at the bar a man sat down next to us and we started chatting him up. It turned out that this man works for the CPD in the drug division. I learned a lot about people who try to bring drugs into the country in their bodies. This man also played the bagpipes and I learned a lot about that too. It was fun just to learn about new things.

Thank you YoY.

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