Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I love a rainy night

I got off work a little early tonight and convinced Megan to walk to the White Hen with me to get a Diet Coke. On the way there it started to lightening and Megan said that it was going to rain. With about a block and a half to go to get to the WH the skys opened up and poured down. By the time we got home, we were dripping wet and I could wring the water out of my clothes. There was nothing we coudl do but laugh.


Megan said...

my sweatshirt is still socked nearly 24 hours later. love it.

Anonymous said...

What does "socked" mean?--Did Megan put socks all over the shirt to help cover up the shirt so that it wouldn't get wet? Are these new decorations that are ONLY in the windy city? Or did the socks that she put over her ears to keep them dry, fall off and land on her shirt? I have never heard of a socked shirt--do you stand back and throw socks at the shirt?

? Confused ?