Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sanj's going away party

Sanj is an awesome coworker, or was. I sadly had to say goodbye to Sanj this month as she accepted a new job after 21 years on our unit. She was a great mentor and a wealth of knowledge that people could always go to for anything. In honor of her, we had a backyard BBQ complete with fire pit. Sanj is an outdoorsy gal with a love for encased meats, so this was right up her all. We had a fabulous turnout and a great time.

Dan, Michael, Kevin and Keno
Look at that great fire

Nina, Sanj(showing off her encased meat), and Beth

Beth, me, Kristen, Sanj and Dan

Sanj showing off her chicken livers(one of her favorite foods...gross!)

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