Wednesday, January 31, 2007

slime in the bath tub

In an attempt to make bath time more fun, Gelli Baff turns your bath water into slime. The powder int he package(sodium polyacrylate) can hold up to 400 times it's own weight in water, turning your normal bath water in to a slime consistency...with color choices, of course.

How does this go down the drain you ask? Just add the nifty dissolver packet or plain old table salt to turn your slime back into water.

Aren't you supposed to get clean in a bath? This kind of grosses me out. All I remember having as a kid were those "washable" crayons that you could write on the tub walls with.


Dave Evanns said...

Oh, I need to get some of this and give it to my nephews. That will drive my brother NUTS!

Anonymous said...

This would be awesome as a practical joke in the toilet!