Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i drink ....a lot

of water.

In an effort to cut back on my caffeine consumption I have not bought cases of pop to keep in the fridge in over three weeks. I also have significantly cut back on my coffee consumption at work. I was also getting concerned about my teeth getting stained. Vain, I know, but I think nice teeth are very important.

I have always been a big water drinker, but I drink even more now that I am not consuming other beverages. In fact, I am drinking over a gallon of water a day...and I love it.


Mel said...

Be careful you don't get water intoxication and die.

Anonymous said...

Mel is so-o-o-0 funny!!! I love your minority friend.

Megan said...

I feel you just got more soda! I SUPPORT THE DIET POP HABIT!