Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My no good, very bad Wednesday until Jenne showed up

So, after losing my wallet this weekend, I have been busy trying to get replacements of everything. Such a pain.

This was also Jenne's last day in Chicago before heading back to San Diego and we were going to hang out for a while before her flight this evening. Trying to be Miss Productive, I got up early this morning and was going to run some errands and Jenne was going to go with me to the DMV to get a new drivers license.

Well, I went out to my car to run a few errands before Jenne arrived at 10am and my passenger door was a little frozen shut, so I gave it a good tug, put my stuff in the car and went to the drivers side. When I started my car the door ajar light came on. Well, I had managed to "break" the car door latch when I tugged on the door...who knew I was that strong? So after fiddling with the latch and trying to fix it for about 30 minutes, I get in my car and start to call my dad to see if he has any ideas. As I am calling, I hear a tapping on my window, Jenne has arrived.

Let's just say, Jenne saved the day. I think I would have had a full on break down without her. I have had a fairly awful last 2 weeks(and that is being optimistic) and this was going to be the final straw. Fortunately, Jenne came with her "everything is going to be ok" attitude and saddled up in my car and held the door shut while we drove to this auto place, where the nicest man in the world worked. I told him the issue and he came out with a Bic pen and reset the latch and we were on our way. It was really the best thing that has happened to me in a long time...and he didn't even charge me for the use of his pen.

I think Jenne summed it up best when she said, "Sometimes all you need is a man and his pen."

The day got much better after that. I decided to put the DMV off until tomorrow and frolic in Target with Jenne and we hung out all afternoon. It was just what I needed.


Anonymous said...

So creepy--I too lost my wallet and am having to replace things!!!! What a pain!

Jenne said...

What a fabulous afternoon! I was so happy to see you! I ended up passing out in the plane and slept the whole 5 hours of the flight... So great. Sad to be home but good too. Miss you already!

Anonymous said...

You are so fortunate to have a friend like Jenne. You have so many great friends!!! Count yourself lucky/fortunate. Of course, you are pretty awesome yourself!!!