Saturday, June 17, 2006

Random thoughts

I have had a lot of random things to blog about lately, but have not sat down to formulate them into actual posts.

Here are three:

**The Taurarri has recently hit 100,000 miles and is 10 years old. That is the equivalent to a 4th grader if it was a human. I don't really remember what I was learning in 4th grade. In undergrad my car was nicknamed the Taurarri by Eddie "I never update my blog" Clemmons because he said I drove the Taurus like a Ferrari.

**Some things that Iowa has that Chicago doesn't and I miss are Kum & Go convenience stores, Caseys convenience stores and HyVees.

**RIP the Burrito. The burrito(my old futon) had a good many years. It was moved in and out of the dorms several times and into two apartments in Chicago with many, many inhabitants. When Megan moved in, we decided that it was time for the burrito to end it's time with me. Lo and behold, it is still living in another part of Chicago. When I said I was getting rid of the beast, Jenne's boyfriend said he could use it in his apartment. If you have a favorite memory of the burrito, please feel free to share it in the comment section of this post(and I must say, it is a good thing the burrito itself isn't able to talk). Viva el burrito.

I have no more energy to type as Megan became my new roommate today and I have been moving a lot of heavy stuff. I must rest up before I head into work tonight.

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