Friday, June 16, 2006

Questions, questions, who has a question?

Allie over at Caffine Free in Med 3 has tagged me on the latest of chain posts in the blogosphere. The point of the post is to answer the question that has been posed to you, then ask two more people a question that they must also blog about.

Allie's question to me was, How many times have I visited Ohio.

I have visited Ohio 4 times. The first summer Aaron lived there, the apartment warming party, the hurricane party and the 25th birthday celebration party.

Mel, On average, how many times a day to we talk to each other?
Rob, What was your favorite memory from Jamaica?


Aaron said...

Rob's question isn't a "how many" question. A better form would have been, "How many teeth did your fake saber-toothed dolphin have?"

robjellis said...

considering that my original response possibly might have included reference to a hypothetical, carnivorous sea-dwelling mammal, and considering aaron's valid clarification, my answer would be "one, unless it gets chipped on a plastic floating drink cup (no straw of course)."

slens04 said...

Ha ha ha! I love the rare and illusive saber-tooth dolphin!