Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Rowling has released a little teaser information about the 7th Harry Potter book that she is currently writing. Rowling reports that she finished the last chapter of the last book in 1990, before she had a publisher for the first book. In the final book in the series, two main characters will die, one possibly being Harry.

My prediction: Harry and Voldermort will both die. Harry will die shortly after Voldermort, accomplishing his life goal to kill him and die knowing he accomplished this.

The fifth movie in the series will be released next summer.


The Great Googly Moogly said...

It only makes sense that Harry would die when he kills Voldemort. Voldemort IS a PART of Harry. When Voldemort is strong or weak Harry feels it because part of him sort of contains Voldemort. So upon Voldemort's death, part of Harry will die too.

Luke said...

OOOOHHH, excitement.

:Harry Potter nerds of the world unite: or something like that.