Friday, April 24, 2009

only a month late

Aretha Franklin sang about it. It’s called R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Every year on March 22 I have started a “new year” for the past four years. It all started out with the Year of Yes(inspired and encouraged by Jenne). I followed the Year of Yes with a year in which I was far less enthusiastic to agree to things (I believe I called it the Year of Hell No). Last year was the Year of Balls to the Walls, which ended up taking a slightly different turn than I had expected, but was the ground work for the year I am currently living. This year also started in March), but I am just a bit slow blogging about it. There are many things that brought about my newest year that include but are not limited to conversations and observations with and of other people and incidents in my own life.

This year is the Year of Respect. I have informed one of my co-workers of my agenda and she loves it and it pretty much on board with it as well. Whether she stays on the wagon for the whole year or not, I will be.

I have noticed a concerning amount of disrespect being shown to people lately(you would be amazed by some of the stories I hear at the tanning salon from people that come in and just want to get things off their chests) and I am not about to enable people to continue disrespecting me or anyone else. I like to call myself trusting and laid back (which some people read as “able to be walked over”). I do like to play the game of “pick your fights” and try not to get wound up about the smaller things in life but, I am not one to be walked all over...and never have been. I think it is incredibly important for people to stand up for themselves. Unfortunately, more and more recently I have been increasingly in disbelief by people’s inability to be honest, forthright, and respectful. Beyond this, I am even more disappointed in people’s inability to take ownership for their actions and properly apologize.

A service announcement for all my single ladies and men out there (encouraged to be put on here by several people I know): Ladies/men you are not doing anyone a service if you take someone’s number and don’t call them after you tell them you will. Just don’t ask for the number at all. It is far more disrespectful to take the number and not call than to not take it at all. Unanimously, I have heard that people want to hear it straight that you have no interest than to give false hope. We really aren’t that fragile…we can handle it.


Megan said...

You have no idea how much this blog entry helped me today. I was totally disrespected today and came home feeling upset and defeated and your blog really helped. Thanks merms.

slens04 said...

no probs merms.